Yes this is us with our backs against the wall.

Having been in rescue for rather a long time I thought that I had become rather hardened to it all but these past few months have for some reason taken their toll on me and knocked the wind out of my sails .It started with the wonderful 15 year old Posie whose owners dumped her because she was ill. What kind of person does that ?? She was such a loving girl and bonded so quickly with me. Those who know me will tell you am not really a girl dog but this one stole a part of my heart and left such a gaping hole when I had to lay her to rest that I never expected. Next along comes CJ a tragic car accident leaving him with 2 broken hips and a council who would not cover his vets bills and wanted him PTS. How could we say no to such a cheeky little chap who obviously wanted to live and be loved ? He has not moaned, growled or nipped throughout his treatment and taken every thing we have thrown at him with a waggy tail and a heart full of love and everyone who has met him adores him.
Then a couple of weeks before Xmas there was the final nail in the coffin when 2 little puppy farm breeding bitches were dumped on us even though I had said no to them knowing how we were situated financially. Some people just don’t care as long as it is no longer their problem Grrrrr . Words can’t describe the gut wrenching feeling I had when I saw them. The stench from them was unbelievable their coats were so matted I could not even wash them and the bigger one’s front feet were so bad I was worried she may have foot rot from laying in her own excrement for years. I have never seen so many fleas on dogs in Winter time, they were alive with them. I felt so guilty having to leave them huddled shaking cold and scared outside in a crate as I could not risk infestation in the house or to other foster dogs. I made a desperate call to Maureen at Barks & Bubbles who was fully booked and said she could take them in a day or two but when I had explained to her their situation she arrived within half an hour to collect them. Maureen has dealt with many of our rescue dogs but none like these and her jaw just hit the floor when she saw them.7 hours later, 4 baths and completely shaved these poor 2 arrived back into my home. Maureen said ” I can’t believe they just cowered & laid down and let us do whatever we could for them.” I then explained to her that a puppy farm bitch would have long ago learnt not to run scream cry or try to hide as they would have only got a kicking or beating if they had. Maureen left me with a cuddle and tears in her eyes thinking of the life they have had. They spent the night in my front hall where it is quieter in a semi covered crate and for the first time in their lives had clean comfy bedding to lie on and heat to keep them warm. They curled up in a tight ball in the back of crate and would not even come out for food. So I put fresh down for them in the night and later heard them eating and drinking. With time and tlc they are coming round Mika is now doing especially well and is actually ready to go to a foster /adopt home but it will have to be the right one to help her continue to learn to live and love and that not every human is going to hurt her. Little Cho Cho is not having a good time of it at all, arriving heavily pregnant and unable to give birth as has she been bred from so many times her little body could not go into contractions. We spent hours at the vets with her and without the help of everyone at Animal House Vets, who knows what may have happened to all of them .It doesn’t bear thinking about.. Ok so we do have some puppies and keeping fingers crossed we won’t lose any more with the extra round the clock boost feeding they have had as Cho Cho has not been able to cope with them, her poor little body is just too worn out. She is so scared and is going to need a lot of TLC to come round bless her. Both these lovely girls have/need to be vaccinated ,spayed, wormed, dental work etc etc all a financial burden we did not need but they are here now and we will somehow cope. I have to say all this is playing so heavily on my mind day in and day out because I am now at the stage where I have to say enough is enough and close the doors to our rescue. We can’t take any more dogs, we are short on foster homes but more so desperate for money to continue doing what we do best.
People think it is so to easy run a rescue and that we have an endless pit of money and that we should only take healthy dogs and PTS those who may come along needing more .WHY should we ? !! Don’t they all deserve a chance, would we put you to sleep when you may need medical care and lots of tlc.? Rescue is not about cherry picking and taking only the cute ones easy to home and forget about them, this is not why I started rescue work and not Futures for Dogs’ aim at all. But I have to say this is the first time I am at my wits end and it has actually come to the point of me posting a personal appeal like this telling it as it is. I do not want to have to close the doors on so many others needing help, daily we get calls and messages from all over to help out and we just can’t at the moment. It breaks my heart thinking of those who may be suffering, may get PTS ,all for the want of one simple word “Yes.” Valentines day is coming up a time for love and lovers so I am asking you this year please please could you help us to continue to give love to so many dogs that need our care and those already here. Make that special gift to a loved one really special and tell them how just £5 donation has helped a rescue dog to know love, be safe and find good hearts .Stevie Admin & Founder
Futures For Dogs is a small NOT FOR PROFIT Kent Rescue
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