Please meet little Cookie who was an unwanted Xmas pup and is now about5/6 month old and a little crossbreed Heinz 57.She is full of fun and her tail never stops wagging. She is nearly house trained has the odd happy accident and is crate trained. She adores being with other dogs and with people. She loves to play run around the garden and with as many toys as she can. She has not met cats or small furies and is not sure about young toddlers. She is learning to go out and about now for new adventures and although a bit scared of the traffic still she is doing well. She is not always to good in the car but is young enough to learn cars take you to fun places and is quiet happy to go in her crate and try. She loves to empty the toy box every day just encase she has missed a new toy to play with and loves to bring them up on the sofa with you and have cuddles. She would be happy with another dog to play with on her own having all the attention she can get.
Homing info
Cookie is looking for an active family ( children 8+ ) who will not leave her alone all day. She will need a secure garden fencing 5ft and new owners will have to attend training class with her.
For an application form email