The heartbreaking story of Oodles

Making the right decisions for the dogs in our care is not always an easy one. People seem to think that dogs up for homing have arrived in to rescue fit and healthy and do not realise the basic out lay we have to make sure each dog is happy and fit to go to its new home. We are not in it for making money but a lot of times we do not cover our cost with the donations and this is why we fund raise to continue what we do. As some of you know we have recently pulled 2 cruelty cases from a so called much loved home. Thankfully one only needed flea treatments worming neutering and some weight gain. Sadly the other one 8 yr old Oodles the poodle is not so fortunate. After being used as a stud dog he was allegedly rescued .The neglect he has had was defiantly not a life of being rescued. Oodles has some very expensive vet work ahead of him. Arriving into our care he needed 5 hours of grooming to remove his knotted very flea ridden coat and expose his pads and clip his over grown claws so he could at least try to walk around more easily. We were crying as we did this (and takes a lot to get us into melt down) as we were revealing the true nature of his condition under all the fur. All he wanted is to be cuddled and these cuddles and loves are heart breaking when you are just holding a bag of bones.
Having never seen a vet in 5 years (possibly longer with first owners) he has horrific dental problems. Reoccurring jaw infections not treated have left his jaw line fragile. His teeth are rotten in his mouth and has to have them all removed. This is risky for him due to the weakened jaw line and it may break. He also has a fistula (hole) that leads from his top gum into his nasal cavity where food could become trapped (and probably has over the years) and could cause more infections. All of this just going on means this little lad has been in excruciating pain and explains why he also only weighed in at 2.2 kg instead of the healthy 7/8 kg he should have been. He was physically starving to death as unable to eat properly. There is no need for any of this or any animal to suffer like this it there is help out there for those who for some reason can’t afford vet bills PDSA, RSCPA & others. Simply not taking your pet to a vet is cruel and against the law. We don’t care who knows how we feel or what we post all his owners over the past 8 years should be disgusted in themselves for this neglect and we hope that karma catches up with them.
We didn’t need x-rays to show us the state his back legs are in .At times he can hardly get up and sometimes needs help to stand. X-rays revealed that both his knees are in full luxation and need surgery to correct this so he can walk properly again.
Total cost for all of this around £5500 – £6000.He is not insured as we can only do this with dogs on adoption. So the big question which has being weighing us down heavily the past week has been what we do for the best for this lad. Whilst in foster this little one has come out of himself so much he is loving, fun & adores to trot around the garden with his foster pals now he can walk on his pads and his legs do not seem bother him as all once he gets going. A new lease of life and purpose has come into him. He has gained some weight whilst being fed a raw soft diet and is now 2.8 kg.He is on strong antibiotics for the infections and pain relief. He has become a cheeky little character who already seems to be saying thank you to us with this new but little lease of life. He is such a wonderful little lad and has not complained once with all that he has had done since he arrived into our care. It is as if crying has got him nowhere in the past and resigns himself to the fact that all that is done with him has never got him anywhere & has never brought him happiness so far. All those who have had the privilege of meeting him been won over by his love for everyone and everything. We have informed the RSPCA of the situation with both dogs .
After a lot of soul searching we have made the decision to help this little lad in every way we can and raise the money needed for his surgeries. But we can’t do this on our own. The specialist vets Toachim house in Faversham have be fantastic and have offered to kindly start his treatment next week when he will go in for the much needed dental treatment even though we do not have the money to pay for it. What wonderful people they are. Our annual Xmas fete is on 17th Dec in Sandwich Kent and we will also be having a street collection in Deal on New Year’s Eve Day and some of the monies raised will be going towards his vet bills we are unable to put it all to his care and still have others to feed and care for. We are making a huge appeal far and wide please please please help us by donating or raising funds for him. Perhaps organise a coffee and cake morning, quiz night, raffle for us anything you think you could do help please do contact us Please please help us to help him and give Oodles the pain free life he so richly deserves.
Pay pal Bank or Lloyds Futures for dogs sort code 30 93 34 Account 03127768