This pup is looking for a home and is one from the video on our Facebook wall which we posted the other day. Out of 6, only 4 survived from their ordeal in the barrel, 3 girls one boy survived the cruelty shown them and, if you have read the post, you will know that we are trying to help two of our long term rescue friends as, sadly, they are having to close, so these dogs have not been in foster with us and not lived in homes and so new owners will have to be prepared to give that little bit extra to help them settle in. We are happy to advise and be there for you because, unlike others that import dogs, we do care what happens when they go to new homes, but we are unable to bring them all into foster. Sasha is about 5/6 months old and a fab little girl, very friendly and, like her sister Belle, is a bit bigger than Sue & Bob her siblings. Parentage unknown. She is looking for an active, understanding and very caring new home with a secure garden and where new family (children 7+) are not out at work all day. New owners will be expected to attend training class with her and have her neutered at 8/9 months. We can offer a discount if booked via us at the vets which we use. For an application form email