Our fab lad is still looking. Sonar who is about 10/11 years old and sadly is looking for a new home. He has been a very very much loved family member, and a heartbreaking decision has had to be made due to family circumstances. We know how hard this has been for them, as we rehomed him originally many years ago. Sonar was born with no eyes and we took him on when no one else was interested. You wouldn’t know he was blind and an older dog, as he acts much younger. He is bouncy and very intelligent. He soon finds his way around new environments and, as long as furniture is not constantly moved around, he knows his way confidently around the home. He loves people and is a cuddle monster. He is also good with other dogs, as has lived with them. He has not lived with cats or small furries. He is a very happy confident collie. He has been used to a rural environment and, once he gets to know his new walks, he does have good recall. He can sometimes be talkative in the garden or if he wants attention. He is a cheeky chap. He is a fit and active dog who loves his walks. Can be left for a couple of hours and is used to being left in the company of other dogs. At ours, he has never been destructive. Is fine with older kids. As with all dogs, he does need stimulation with his walks and his pals.

Sonar is looking for an older family, children 14+, who will make him part of their daily life and activities. He will need a secure garden with fencing 5ft + and new owners must not be out all day. He will need to be homed with another dog for companionship and someone to help him to adapt to his new home and life.

For an application form please email