Please meet Louis, a terrier cross type who has come on in leaps and bounds from when he first arrived into our care and who is now looking for his new furever home. His foster mum says, “Louis is an absolute amazing little dog and a cheeky chap. He’s come so far in such a few weeks. He’s pretty good with other dogs but I feel he would benefit being an only dog or with a female dog as he can be a bit dominant over male dogs. He’s definitely a ladies’ dog, although has become very trusting with men. He absolutely adores a cuddle on the sofa and will sit for ages just being stroked and loved. He loves his toys and a ball and is happy to play on his own, but also loves his ball or toys to be thrown for him. He adores his walks now.
He is pretty much house-trained, but has the occasional accident, especially if there’s shopping bag on the floor.
He is crate trained and will stay in his crate overnight.
He is nervous around walking sticks and brooms. He’s a bit of a thief and steals things out of bags. But he never chews his ill-gained possessions and will let you take them off him after 5 minutes or so. He can be possessive over some things but, again, can be distracted by something that seems more enticing.
In all he’s a beautiful lad and just needs patience and love.
He will make an absolute lovely dog and loyal companion given time, boundaries and love”

Louis is looking for an experienced older family, children 14+, who will not be out all day. He will need a secure garden with fencing 5ft+. New owners must be prepared to continue his training and socialising and be prepared to attend class with him
EMAIL futuresfordogs@aol.com for an application form.