Please meet Pippa, who is about 12 months old Heinz 57 and has sadly spent all her life in a compound being a mum and best friend to all the cute pups that got homed first. She was the only survivor of a bag of pups tied up and thrown in a river to die and has come and joined us 2 months ago from Bulgaria. Now it is her time to shine if someone will give her the chance. Having started home life and socialising later in life she did find it all a bit unnerving to start with, but has come on in leaps and bounds at home and we know it is the right time for her to make the move to her fur-ever home. She is not your readymade dog, full of confidence, but it is there if the right home is willing to give her the chance she so richly deserves.
Pippa is wonderful with all the other 7 foster dogs she is with and this week will be gaining another new foster pal to keep her on her toes. She is nervy of people, as she has not had the socialising start that others have had and she does find some heavy traffic scary. She is so so loving with her foster humans and is a fun character, but doesn’t always show it to others and needs time to get to know people. She does benefit from being with the others dogs who know what’s what and is learning off them, so we would ideally like a confident companion in her new home to continue to learn from. She has the most sad face expression at times – it makes you just want to hug and love her even more. She is house and crate trained and is doing so well out and about with her confidence on walks. She does find some heavy traffic scary but then who can blame her. She has not lived with cats, small furries or young children. She is so funny. If she wants to get in a bed with one of her foster pals and there is no room, she will gently just keep pawing them on their back until they give up and make space for her to join them. She loves a game of chase round the garden with you and chases her toys but has not quite got the hang of fetch, as it’s more fun to play chase. She is so so gentle and loving and just needs someone to give her a chance.
Pippa is looking for an experienced confident older family home who will not leave her for hours on end all day. She needs a secure garden, fencing 5ft+ and new owners must be willing to attend training class with her and continue working with her training and socialising. She would love to do something like canni cross if new owners were up for it.
For an application form email futuresfordogs@aol.com