Notice Boards

Reşiţa These are 2 other ideal places to inform the general public about our events and rescues needing homes.Does your company have it’s own general web page for all the staff to use or a newsletter/magazine Perhaps you could add or display our info and events. Those people you work with may not be ab;e to help but word of mouth outside of the workplace could bring in more help and homes.

Vets These are another great place to advertise do you have vets in your area that we do not use yet? Could you find out if they would allow our posters and info and also a mailing address so we can send information to them regularly.

Posters/Flyers We always need to make the general public aware fo our rescues needing homes and of events.Could you post these in vets,petshops,newsagents etc in your area.All these will be supplied by the rescue.

perceptively If so please contact us with your full details and the areas you could cover.