The Reality of Rescue

This post may offend, but it is fact. It is really happening and sadly many do not want to face up to it. Many want to say it is untrue or do not want to believe, but just ignore, as it is not their problem. But dogs ARE dying. Dogs are being PTS even by the big National charities who say they don’t, but they do. They have to. We are getting to the stage where we won’t be able to take many more dogs in until homes / fosterers are found for the dogs we have in and we do have a list for those waiting for a safe place to come to and, of course, as always we are short of funds. We work hand to mouth, often not even covering the costs of a dog when it does get homed. Daily we get calls and emails from owners who seem to think we can take that dog there and now or they will pts. Well, we are sorry BUT rescue doesn’t work like that and being abusive to us, trying to intimidate us with threats of PTS (which may be the truth) simply doesn’t work when we are already on our knees ourselves. We have 4 life foster dogs and sadly 4 dogs that are now older pups still looking for homes since August and, across the country, pounds and rescues are full to the brim. Rescues are falling apart at the seams under the constant demand and pressures and, sadly, many more are going under and closing their doors. We soon will have to start to turn dogs away as we have NOWHERE to put them or money to keep them and heartbreakingly we know that in many cases we are signing their death warrant. YET so many of you will still continue to buy a cute pup as Christmas is upon us and half of those will end up being sold on again and again or rescue spaces will be needed as people DO NOT take into consideration what costs, time and training will be required but are quite happy to line the pocket of the back-street breeder and puppy farmer that will reap in a fortune and not care what happens to the pup once sold. Finances are desperate already for many households but somehow many who are pleading poverty will suddenly find the thousands to buy a new pet, yet many have the audacity to complain at the cost of a rescue dog that has had everything done for it and is hundreds of pounds cheaper. Costs are rising and owners are suddenly realizing it and dumping dogs as they can’t afford them now, let alone in a few weeks time when credit cards are maxed out and bills start coming in. Well, guess what – we the rescues are struggling as well. Day after day after day there are dogs losing their lives because there is simply NOWHERE for them to go. We, a so-called nation of animal lovers, are letting these dogs (man’s best friend) down. SO, if you really really have to have a new pet/pup, try looking at those in rescue, even if that pup is an older one and not a cute fluffy one. Remember whatever you buy will grow up in a few months and won’t be a cute little pup anymore and these older pups DO deserve a fur-ever home. They DO deserve a second chance. DON’T take a pup/dog on when you are not 100% sure you can cope financially. DON’T take a dog on if you are not prepared to train/socialize it. DON’T let that dog down. DON’T give up on it. DON’T wait for others to pick up the pieces and, if you contact a rescue who can take your dog in, PLEASE do not muck them around. Spaces are limited and, just because you suddenly decide you are going to keep your pet or you can sell it to recoup money, THINK!  Your choices will have lost another dog a space or even its life. So, if this post means that just a few more lives are saved, a few more people learn and take on board what is happening and a few more people find they can really help us/others to make a difference, then it has been worth it! PLEASE, IF you can help, DO step up. Contact your local rescue and ask them what they need. If you can’t home/foster then donate or fundraise for them. Saving one dog will NOT change the world BUT will change the world for one dog.