Pet Shop Pups

online Seroquel buy Can’t resist the lure of the cute puppy curled up in a window or a pen on the floor.Everyone reaching over and in trying to fuss these poor scared animals. These pets are placed strategically to catch the eye of children and buyers who would not have thought of getting one until they saw them. Pet shops are only interested in making a fast buck. They are not concerned with the fact they know where these poor little ones came from,what kind of lives they have had or will have. All they want is to sell their so called pedigree’s to unsuspecting owners who do not realise what they are taking on or what these poor little ones have been through. They don’t care that these little ones will be ill, carrying all sorts of infections and disease that will lead to weeks of medical bills and sometimes even their death or the fact of the emotional upset for you and your family. Many new owners who’s pups do survive and start to grow then end up dumping them or selling them on their-selves all because the novelty of owning a cute puppy or kitten has worn off and they didn’t realise or were informed of all that goes with owning a pet. And whilst this is going on in your life take a moment to think of it’s mother and the horrific conditions she will still be living in and the fact that she is either pregnant again or having another litter ripped from her at a tender age.

buy neurontin overnight Would you line their pockets knowing your pet was born here and may others like them will follow.

buy Lyrica tablets uk Because the pet shop market exists, backyard breeders and “puppy farms” continue to churn out more and more poor puppies and kittens each year .Hundreds will suffer and be mistreated and thousands of pets will be killed at the pounds and vets every year.

So please stop and think before you buy from one. Do you really want to line the pockets of these sick people. If we don’t buy their pets then they won’t have a business and this barbaric trade can be stopped.

Puppy Farms

Britain’s Puppy Farm Shame 1988 – 2013, Help Us Help Them

20 years of nothing happening to stop these cruel, profit making moronic individuals who still get away with mass producing puppies to sell to the naive public or just to those who don’t care where their dog has come from or what it has left behind.

We can only STOP puppy farms, back street breeders and pet shops continuing in this barbaric trade if we protest and refuse to buy from them
Each little dog that is paid for no matter how sad it’s story or how bad they make you feel, continues to line their pockets and continue their trade.It is time for them all to no longer hide away and be accountable for the decades they have used and abused dogs for profit .DON’T BUY FROM THEM and they will go out of business.

Only you can help stop this. Please think before you buy a dog /puppy even pet shops bring in their dogs from puppy farms and back street breeders stating they are pedigree ( sadly some are) or unwanted/accidental litters.They have a share in the profit from selling these pups and know what they are doing.SO PLEASE STOP & THINK BEFORE YOU BUY

Please take time to watch this video it will surprise you and we hope make you help stop this trade by writing complaints and passing on the word to friends and neighbours.