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Vogan Faith

Please meet Faith who is now approx 5/6 months old. She was sadly picked up by the roadside where she had been left. She was severely malnourished, her poor body riddled with sores from mange and, of course, was alive with fleas and worms, bless her. She was petrified of people and being handled. She is safe in foster with us now, with 2 other dogs that she is learning from and her wonderful foster parents have worked hard with her to help her gain confidence and she has come on in leaps and bounds, although she can be a little timid of new things and people and needs to accept them in her own time. She is crate and house trained but, being only a baby who is learning, she does occasionally have a little accident. She is going out and about for walks now, learning that the outside world is not a scary place. She loves to play with her toys and snuggle up on the sofa for a snooze. She has got to the stage now where it is time for her to find her furever home and take the final leap of faith to do so. She has so much love to give and just needs someone to let her show it.

Faith is looking for a very special older family (children 12+) experienced home with another dog for confidence. New owners will have to be prepared that she may take a step back for the first few days as she settles and will need to help encourage her gently to become part of the family and its daily routine. New owners will need a secure garden, fencing 5 feet, and not be out for long periods and they must be prepared to attend training class with her. She must be spayed as per adoption agreement at 8 months and we can offer discount via our vets if booked with us.
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