Meet Cookie who finds himself in another rescue for the second time in his life due to family problems and that he didn’t like young children. He is about 6/7 yrs old and a poodle-x type lad. He arrived with skin issues and has been treated with antibiotics, steroids some cutting of hair and antibacterial baths and is doing fine now, except he has a few bald patches still to grow back properly. His new family will need to make sure he is groomed and cared for regularly. He arrived with some guarding issues over food and toys but has been worked with and is happy to be fed in his crate around other dogs with no problems at all and waits patiently for his turn. He is now house and crate trained. He is a fun-loving lad who loves to play with toys and sometimes gets the fetch bit with the ball. Loves to snuggle up for cuddles and join you in whatever you are doing. He is good out and about on walks and is learning it is ok to have foster pals to live with.

Cookie is looking for active experienced family children 15+ with a secure garden fencing 5ft. He doesn’t like being left on his own, so new family must not be out at work all day. New owners must be prepared to groom him. He is NOT suitable with cats or young children.
Email for an application form